We are expanding our team! Can you stand before people, take life with insights, can you act like real gentleman, do you like humor and exaggeration a do you want to learn new things?

We are looking for professional dancer but amateurs with passion aswell, who can catch an audience with their personality and talent. CVs and photos of face and full body (you can attach aswell short video clips) send on email adress

Special skills are welcome (fencing, dance fields,          chair dance, aerial hoop, work with fire, vocal, gymnastics,          calisthenica, acrobatics, etc.). Casting is whole year!

We are looking forward to see you on our audition!



The Roosters s.r.o.
Residence: Rybná 716/24, 110 00 Praha 1
ID number: 06347231

Ondřej Nasswettr
Marketing manager
+420 777 121 109

Jan Laca
Business manager
+420 607 521 275

Michal Klapetek
Art Director
+420 727 813 223

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